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For fans, the offseason is generally a time of hope. New faces on rosters and in front offices signal change, hopefully for the better.

However, not everything is sunshine and roses for actual team decision-makers. The reality is that not everyone is going to make the final roster, and choosing the best 53 players is difficult. The process becomes even more difficult when players whom teams have heavily invested in aren't locks to be part of the squad's future.

We're here to examine one player from each team who has disappointed and is thus entering a make-or-break season, or even a make-or-break camp. We'll be focusing on players entering bust territory, those who aren't living up to sizable contracts, those who can't stay on the field and those who have seen their levels of play fall off the proverbial cliff.

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Former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford was taken with the first overall pick in the 2010 draft because he has prototypical size (6'4", 228 lbs), immense arm talent and a solid football IQ. The problem is that he cannot stay on the field.

This study is very misleading. The B12 found in these plants, is INORGANIC. It’s a yet different form, and it is toxic to our body. Nothing to do with the bioavailable meat B12 form.

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Sonia says

I have all the symptoms of b12 deficiency,I have been taking metformin for years and is known to cause b12 deficiency but every time because the levels are so low in this country I am told my bloods are normal and I know it wrong.I know how I feel and the symptoms,I am not paranoid,Drs wont listen,what can I do now to convince them,so many dont even realise their symptoms are a cause of this


In Japan apparently they lifted the minimum level in the reference range for B12 to around 500 pmol. You might want to consider taking matters into your own hands and treat yourself with the help of a physician.

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According to Australia’s reference range I’m within range, according to Japan I’m below. After treating myself with this product once or twice a day I have recovered so much cognitive function, memory, mood, assertiveness, confusion, anxiety, depression, concentration, busy (racing) mind, irritable, agitated, anger. It is just amazing this product. It has all the natural forms of vitamin B as some people cannot metabolise well or much at all the synthetic forms.

Let us know how you progress in a few weeks. I noticed immediate benefits after first day! And I’m improving more and more each day. Its like I am gaining 20 years in some aspects of mental functioning. A renewed me.

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Ann Bailey says

Hi: I have been treating this issue “I believe” for many years. I had no idea I had a problem until recently. I would go to the Dr. barely able to move my body and complain I was beyond fatigued, or my hands were tingling or numb. I was soooo tired. I would have a blood test and it would show normal. THen the last one showed a B12 deficiency I had 97 instead of the not very effective 138 that is defined as the low. It bothers me greatly that I could have had help over the last 20 years if the blood test had requested a B12 level or if I had somehow known. My Mom died of cancer, but she also had a B12 deficiency. Is it genetic in my case. Should I be telling my kids to get tested. How does one know. I went to a naturopath and she also said that in most modern medicine the low acceptable is 500. That scared me even more. Have I done damage to myself over the years because I didnt know what I was dealing withÉ I just dont know what the average person should be doing. I think it should be checked better and more accurately. Ann


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